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  • All stakes must conform to the minimum’s and maximum’s of the table being played .
  • The minimum stake is per player and the maximum stake is per box , irrespective if there is more than one player playing the box.


  • All seats at Blackjack tables are reserved for players only.


  • Each Blackjack table will utilise six (6) packs of playing cards. Prior to the start of gaming these cards will be “Chemmy Shuffled” , ensuring that the cards are very well inter-mixed.
  • These cards will then be “Riffled Shuffled” , in accordance with CCL procedures. This “Riffle Shuffle” will be repeated at the end of each shoe. If the management suspect that there has been any breach of CCL’s shuffle procedure the company reserve the right to announce the shoe as a void shoe and withhold any payments to player(s).
  • Upon completion of the shuffle the dealer will offer the cards for cutting to the first player to the table , if the game has just commenced , or to the player on whose box the cutting card appeared during the last shoe . The player will then cut the cards at least a minimum of one deck (52) cards from either end. If the cut is unacceptable for any reason , the dealer will remove the cutting card and offer the cards for cutting again.
  • Providing that the cut is acceptable , the dealer will take the cutting card and all the cards in front of the cutting card and place them to the back of the remaining cards. The dealer will then cut the cards, before loading the cards into the shoe.
  • Card counting is not permitted in CCL casinos and the management reserve the right to eject the players suspected of card counting from the casino.

Card Values

  • An ace counts as one (1) or eleven (11) . It will always count as one (1), when eleven (11) would cause the total to exceed twenty one (21).
  • Face cards (picture cards ) count as ten (10).
  • All other cards count as their face value.

Winning Hands

  • A player may stand on any two cards , or draw to any total other than a hard or soft twenty one (21) . Also a player is not allowed to draw when having Blackjack.
  • A dealer must draw on a hard or soft sixteen (16) or under and must stand on any seventeen (17) , hard or soft.
  • If the dealers card exceed a total of twenty one (21) , all players remaining in the game win. All players having a lesser total than the dealer lose.
  • If the player has the same total as the dealer , then it is a stand off and the player neither wins or loses. The bet may then be reduced or added to ( providing that the minimum’s and maximum’s are observed) or removed from the table.
  • All winning bets are paid at even money, unless the player(s) have Blackjack (21) with the first two cards. This is then paid at three to two (3/2).
  • All winning insurance bets are paid at two to one (2/1).
  • If the management suspect any breach of casino regulations , or any collusion between players , and (or) croupiers they have the right to declare the hand as invalid and withhold any payments.


  • All bets must be placed in the betting boxes . These wagers must comply with the minimum and maximum of the table. If more than one denomination of chips are being played , then the highest value must be on the bottom and the lowest value on the top. The maximum number of separate bets will be limited to three per box. Even then the total of these wagers must not exceed the table maximum. When the dealer is satisfied that all bets have been placed he will announce “No more  bets thank you” , and the first card to the box containing a wager . From this point no more bets can be added or removed from the table. He will then deal a card to all other boxes containing a wager , plus one card to the dealers hand. The dealer will then deal a second card to each of the boxes in play , but no more to the dealers hand.
  • All cards must be dealt face up . No player may receive a card face down.
  • Any cards found to be damaged during the course of play  will be exchanged by a manager. If the management feel that a deliberate attempt has been made by any player(s), or dealers to mark the cards then all the cards will be replaced and the management reserve the right not to honour any payments.
  • Any card exposed in error during a hand , must be used as the next card from the shoe.
  • Should card(s) be dealt to a box without a wager , then all the cards in play will be reconstructed under the supervision of the inspector and re-dealt.
  • After each shuffle , the dealer will burn three cards face down and unexposed to the player(s). Should the dealer change during the middle of the shoe , then this dealer will burn one card face down and unexposed to the player(s).
  • Players may double their original bet after they have received the first two cards of their hand. They are permitted to double any hand except a Blackjack - irrespective of whether the total of cards is a hard or soft total. When doubling an additional stake , equal to the original wager , must be staked and the player will receive one card only.
  • All pairs may be split up to three (3) times , resulting in four split hands. A player may split pairs by staking an additional bet equal to the original stake. Doubling down on a split hand is possible , which will result in only one extra card being received.
  • When splitting pairs, each hand is played as a separate hand , one at a time. Aces can be split also and player(s) splitting aces receive only one card on each ace. The combination of a split Ace and a card with the face value of a ten (10) , counts only as twenty one (21), not Blackjack and if it is a winning bet it will be paid even money . A Blackjack always beats twenty one (21).
  • The dealer will offer insurance to player(s) if the dealers first card is an Ace. This offer will be made after the players have received two (2) cards. Player(s) wishing to accept this offer must stake up to half their original stake in the insurance box on the layout. If the dealer makes Blackjack , then the insurance bet is paid two to one (2/1). If the dealer does not make Blackjack , then the insurance bet is a losing bet. Any player(s) wishing to insure a Blackjack against a dealers Ace , will be paid even money.
  • Players are not permitted to draw additional cards when the total of their hand is twenty one(21). This rule applies irrespective of whether the twenty one (21) is a hard or soft total.
  • Casino personnel will be delighted to inform player(s) of the rules of the game. However under no circumstances are they permitted to advise player(s) how to bet. Also they are not permitted to help players win in a dishonest manner. If the management suspect that the practice has taken place , the stakes will be considered not valid and payments will be withheld.

Box Control

  • The first player at the table has priority over other players playing on his box and therefore calls the cards , irrespective of the amount of his bet. This player is known as the “Box Owner” . If the box owner decides to split and the others refuse , then they continue to play on the first of the split hands. If the box owner decides to double and the others refuse , then only one extra card is dealt to that box.
  • If the box owner decides not to split or double , then the other players cannot split or double.
  • If the dealer shows an Ace , then all players sharing the box , may decide individually whether or not to accept insurance.
  • A player may control as many boxes as he wishes , providing that he does not prevent other players from playing at the table.
  • Up to three players may play on one box, providing that each player stakes the minimum table bet and the total for the box does not exceed the table maximum. The table maximum is the box maximum (excluding subsequent splits or doubles). If the total wagered on one box exceeds the table maximum , then the box owner has priority and the other players must reduce their stakes.


  • No technical appliances , such as computers or calculators , are allowed to be used in conjunction with gaming. If the management suspect the use of these devices , then they will declare the game invalid and withhold any payments to player(s).
  • The management also reserve the right to terminate the game and pronounce it invalid, if there is any reason to believe that the rules of the game have been compromised in any way by player(s) or personnel.
  • Croupiers of this casino are trained to adhere to the procedures of Czech Casinos Limited. Any breach of these procedures can result in any payments to player(s) not being honoured.

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  • ... minimum bets on live game start on 10 Kč in our casinos?
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