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Company Czech Casinos Inc.

Company Czech Casinos Inc. has operated casinos in the Czech Republic since 1990.

In co-operation with world-wide casino operator Casinos Austria International, Czech Casinos operates Pupp Casino Club in Carlsbad and Casino Grand in Brno. Beside gambling visitors can enjoy fun and entertainment in our casinos. More

Casino as an experience!

The casinos can also be used for non-traditional corporate or private parties and celebrations. A part of the event is a Show Game.


Are you in a casino for the first time?

Our trained staff will give you explanations of the rules, of the games and will make sure that you have a good time.


    Did you know that...?

  • ... you do not have to pay entrance fee in the casino?
  • .. you do not have to wear a suit or evening dress in the casino?
  • ... minimum bets on live game start on 20 Kč in our casinos?
  • ... you do not have to gamble when you visit the casino. If you wish just have a drink and socialise?
  • ... there is support in the case that you feel that you are addicted to gambling?
    You can find a professional help with a gambling addiction on the website or directly on the telephone number +420 532 232 051 in Brno and on the phone +420 773 140 022 in Carlsbad.
More interesting information you can find in Common questions section.

Where to go? Maybe choose the casino!

All our casinos have their own unique atmosphere – you can see it in the gallery or of course during a personal visit.

Gambling prohibited for persons under 18 years of age. Ministry of Finance warns: Gambling can become addiction.