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  • All stakes must conform to the minimum’s and maximum’s of the table being played. The minimum and maximum stakes are for the Ante bets. If, after examining their cards, player(s) wish to continue in the game, then they must place an additional wager of exactly double that of the original Ante bet.
  • Player(s) are only allowed to play one box per hand.
  • It is also possible for player(s) to participate in special bonus bets. Even if player(s) fail to beat the dealers hand it is still possible to win on the special  bonus bet providing the hand is three of a kind or better.


  • The seats at an Oasis Stud Poker table are reserved for players only.


  • Each Oasis Stud Poker table will utilise one pack of playing cards dealt from a special poker shoe. These cards will be changed approximately every hour or at the management’s discretion. They will always be changed following a winning hand of a  “Royal Flush“. Prior to the start of gaming these playing cards will be “Chemmy Shuffled”,  ensuring that they are fully inter-mixed. These cards will then be  “Riffle Shuffled”, in accordance with Czech Casinos  Ltd.  procedures. This riffle shuffle will be repeated at the end of each hand. If the management suspect that there has been any breach of the Czech Casinos  Ltd., shuffle procedures, then the company reserve the right to declare the hand as invalid and withhold any payments to players. Following the shuffle the dealer will then cut the cards and place them into the poker shoe prior to dealing the hand.

Card Values

  • All cards count as their face value.


  • Player(s) will be invite to place their wagers into the Ante boxes by the  croupier , announcing  “Place your bets please” Bets placed must conform to the minimum / maximum of the table. Any mixed denomination wagers must have the highest value chip on the bottom and the lowest value on the top.
  • Once the stakes have been placed the dealer will announce “No more bets thank you”.
  • From this point on no bets can be added or removed from the Ante boxes.
  • The dealer will then deal one card to each box which contains an Ante bet , plus one card to the dealers hand. This will be repeated until all the players and the dealer have five (5) cards each. All the cards are dealt face down , with the exception of the final dealers card , which will be dealt face up.
  • Player(s) may now pick up their own cards and study them to decide if they wish to proceed in the game. Players must not communicate win any way with each other . Should any player show his cards to another player , or communicate in any way whatsoever , the hand will be declared invalid , and the offenders will forfeit their Ante bets.
  • Should any player or the dealer receive an incorrect number of cards , then a misdeal will be declared. The cards will then be reshuffled , prior to re-dealing.
  • Should any card , other than the dealers final card , become exposed for any reason whatsoever , then a misdeal will be declared . The cards will then be reshuffled , prior to re-dealing.
  • After studying their cards , should any player wish to fold their hand (not play any further part in this hand ) , they must indicate this to the dealer , who will remove their Ante bet from the layout and collect all five (5) of the players cards.
  • Player(s) wishing to proceed further must now place their Odds bet, which must be down on the table next to their bet box.
  • The croupier will now proceed to expose the dealers hand , one by one until all five (5) cards of the dealers cards are displayed for all to see. It is the casinos responsibility to make sure the croupier has the best possible hand from the cards which are available to the dealer. At this stage the dealer must be able to qualify . To qualify the dealer must have an Ace and King , or better. If the dealer fails to qualify the only wager paid are the Ante bets. No payment will be made to the Odds bet. If the dealer has an Ace/King , or better , then the croupier is considered to have qualified.
  • The dealer will then assess each players hand in turn. Should the player have a lower hand than that of the dealer , the croupier will remove both the Ante and Odds bets and all five (5) of the players cards from the layout. Should the player(s) hand be the same as the dealer , the next highest card will decide. For example if both player and dealer have two (2) six’s (6) and two (2) five’s (5) , then whoever has the next highest card is the winner. Should the player have the highest hand , the Ante box will be paid even money and the Odds bet will be paid in accordance with the published odds. In all cases where the odds bets are paid , the maximum table payout will not be exceeded. Should any winning hand be a straight or better then the cards will be counted prior to the dealer dealing the next hand. If any winning hand be a Royal Flush , then a new deck of cards will be issued to the table prior to the dealer dealing the next hand.
  • Casino personnel will be delighted to inform player(s) of the rules of the game . However , under no circumstances whatsoever , are they permitted to advise player(s) how to bet.
  • Also they are not permitted to help player(s) win in a dishonest manner. If the management suspect that this practice has taken place , the stakes will be considered invalid and all payments will be withheld.


Additional Buy Card Option.

Variation A

  • After studying their cards , player(s) have the additional option to buy one card .
  • Player(s) wishing to change a card must place the card to be discarded face down in front of their Ante box , with their Buy bet. The Buy  bet must be equal to the original Ante bet.
  • In dealing sequence , the dealer will collect the Buy bet and also special Bonus bets and place them into the float. A player buying a card automatically loses his Bonus bet and will not receive any Bonus payouts.
  • Before a new card is dealt to the player , the next card in the shoe will be “burnt” . The “burnt” card is dealt face down on the table and placed underneath the card the player is discarding. Both cards are then placed in the discard rack .
  • The dealer then deals the next card face down to the players box . Player(s) changing a card may then fold or place the odds bet to continue in the game.
  • The dealer will repeat this procedure for all players wishing to buy one additional card before proceeding to expose dealers hand.

Variation B

  • In this variation of Oasis stud Poker, players have the option to change up to two of their own cards plus one of the dealer’s cards, if the dealer does not open.

Changing cards

  • After the dealer has collected all folded hands, the option to change cards is offered.
  • Players wishing to change a card/s must place the card/s face down in front of his box with the required amount of chips. To change one card the player must pay an amount equal to the ante, and for two cards an amount double the ante.
  • Starting from the first box the dealer takes the chips and places the cards to be changed in the discard. One or two new cards, as required, are dealt face down to the player.
  • Players wishing to change two cards are not allowed to change one card and then another. Both cards must be changed at the same time.
  • The dealer must not burn any cards.
  • After changing cards players have the option to continue play or fold.

Changing the Dealers Card

  • If the dealer does not open, the option to change the dealer’s card is made.
  • Starting from the last box, the dealer asks the player if he would like ‘pay or buy’.
  • Players opting for ‘pay’ will have their ante paid and cards removed.
  • Players wishing to change the dealer’s card pay an amount equal to the ante.
  • The dealer removes his highest card and places it in the discard and a new card is dealt to the dealer’s hand.
  • If the dealer opens, the ante is paid even money and odds are paid to the bet.
  • If the dealer does not open, the ante and bet are not paid.

Bonus Bet

  • Players who take the option to change their card/s and/or the dealers, forfeit their bonus bet.

Winning Possibilities

The winning possibilities and payouts are listed below:

One Pair Even Money (1-1)
Two Pairs Two to One (2-1)
Three of a kind Three to One (3-1)
Straight Four to One (4-1)
Flush  Five to One (5-1)
Full House Seven to One (7-1)
Four of a Kind Twenty to One (20-1)
Straight Flush Fifty to One (50-1)
Royal Flush Hundred to One (100-1)

No payout will exceed the maximum payout which is displayed on each table.

Examples of Winning Possibilities

  • One Pair
    Any two (2) cards of the same value. For example two (2) Kings.
  • Two Pairs
    Twice times any two (2) cards of the same value. For example two (2) Queens and two (2) Aces.
  • Three of a Kind
    Any three (3) cards of the same value. For example three (3) five’s.
  • Straight
    Any five cards numbered consecutively , irrespective of their suit. For example four , five , six , seven and eight.
  • Flush
    Any five (5) cards of the same suit , irrespective of the number sequence. For example five (5) diamonds.
  • Full House
    Any three cards of the same number , combined with another two cards of the same number. For example three (3) tens and two (2) sixes.
  • Four of a Kind
    Any four (4) cards of the same value. For example four (4) eight’s.
  • Straight Flush
    Any five (5) cards numbered consecutively of the same suit . For example six , seven , eight , nine and ten of hearts.
  • Royal Flush
    The top five (5) cards of the same suit . For example ten , jack , queen , king and ace of spades.

Special Bonus Payout

To qualify for special bonus payouts , player(s) must have placed the required wager in the special bonus box on the layout. Irrespective of whether or not the player beats the dealer, winning special bonus bets will be paid as detailed below.

  • Three of a Kind                           100Kc.
  • Straight                                        500Kc.
  • Flush                                         1,000Kc.
  • Full House                                 2,000Kc.
  • Four of a Kind                           6,000Kc.
  • Straight Flush                           10,000Kc.
  • Royal Flush                             50,000Kc.


  • No technical appliances , such as computers or calculators , are allowed to be used in conjunction with gaming. If the management suspect the use of these devices , then they will declare the game invalid and withhold any payment to player(s).
  • The management also reserve the right to withhold payment , pending an enquiry into any game in which they suspect has not been conducted , within the rules and procedures of Czech Casinos  Ltd.
  • The management reserve the right to terminate the game and pronounce it invalid , if there is any reason to believe that the rules of the game have been compromised in any way by player(s) and , or personnel.

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