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Table & Stakes

  • Russian Poker table is identical to that of Oasis Poker.
  • 4 Players Maximum on each table
  • All stakes must conform to the minimum and maximum of the table being played. The minimum and maximum stakes are for the Ante bets. If, after examining their cards, players wish to continue in the game, then they must place an additional wager of exactly double that of the original Ante bet.
  • Players are only allowed to play one box per hand.
  • It is also possible for players to participate in special bonus bets. Even if players fail to beat the dealers hand it is still possible to win on the special bonus bet providing the hand is three of a kind or better.


  • The seats at Russian Poker table are reserved for players only.


  • Each Russian Poker table will utilize one pack of playing cards dealt from a special poker shoe. These cards will be changed approximately every hour or at the management’s discretion. They will always be changed following a winning hand of a “Royal Flush“. Prior to the start of gaming these playing cards will be “Chemmy Shuffled” ensuring that they are fully inter-mixed. These cards will then be “Riffle Shuffled”, in accordance with Czech Casinos Ltd. procedures. This riffle shuffle will be repeated at the end of each hand. If the management suspect there has been any breach of the Czech Casinos Ltd, shuffle procedures, then company reserve the right to declare the hand as invalid and withhold any payments to players. Following the shuffle the dealer will then cut the cards and place them into the poker shoe prior to dealing the hand.

Card Values

  • All cards count as their face value.


1) Players will be invited to place their wagers on the Ante box and the additional bonus box.

2) The dealer will then deal one card to each box which contains an Ante bet, plus one card to the dealer’s hand. This will be repeated until all the players and the dealer have five (5) cards each. All the cards are dealt face down, with the exception of the final dealer’s card, which will be dealt face up.

3) Player(s) may now pick up their own cards and study them. At this stage players with bonus bet should determine whether they can claim a winning combination. If not all bonus bets will be removed.

4) The player now has four options:

  • buy a sixth card – equal to ANTE bet
  • exchange two – five cards – equal to ANTE bet
  • raise the bet – 2 x ANTE bet
  • fold and lose the ANTE

5) After exchanging or buying a sixth card, the player has two options:

  • raise the bet – double the ANTE bet
  • fold and lose the ANTE

6) Before raising the bet, the player can insure himself against the dealer getting a non-qualifying hand. The player can do this if he has a hand of TWO PAIR or better. With this bet, the player is betting that the dealer will not qualify. The minimum size of the insurance is the BET, and the maximum is half of the prospective payout in the case if the player wins (including the payout for the second combination).

7) When the final decision has been made on all the boxes, the dealer reveals his cards.

The dealer requires ACE-KING to qualify.

On those boxes where insurance was purchased, the result is determined by the following:

  • If the dealer doesn't qualify, the insurance is paid 1:1.
  • If the dealer qualifies, the player loses the insurance.

8) If the dealer qualifies, his combination is compared to the ones on the boxes remaining in the game. If the dealer has a higher combination, the player loses the ante and bet. If the player’s combination is equal to the dealer’s one, the game ends in a draw and the ante and bet are returned to the player. If the player has the higher combination, the ante is returned to the player unpaid, and the payout for the bet is determined according to table 2.

9) If the player has two winning combinations at once, both of them receive payouts. For example, with the cards AK996, he would be paid for both the pair of 9s and Ace-King. With the cards 987665 (after the purchase of the sixth card), the player would be paid for two straights. The rules regulating the formation of the second combination are described in table 1.

10) If the dealer doesn’t qualify the antes are paid 1:1 and the bets are not paid. The player may also choose to exchange the dealer’s card. In this case the dealer’s highest card is exchanged to give the possibility of a qualifying hand. The dealer will remove ANTE bets from all players wishing to exchange the dealer’s card.

11) If, after exchanging the dealer’s card, he still doesn’t qualify, the game, as a rule, then ends. The ante is not paid and the bet is returned to the player. However, if the dealer’s new card is of the same rank as the card exchanged, and he still doesn’t qualify, the exchange repeats, i.e. the dealer’s highest card is exchanged once more with payment equal to ANTE. The repeated exchange may happen up to three times.

12) Formation of the Second Combination – Table 1

Primary Combination

Second Combination


One Pair

Two Pair



Full House

Straight Flush

One Pair








Two Pair








Three of a Kind

















AQ875; K

AQ875; 8


AQJ109; K




Full House








Four of a Kind








Straight Flush

5432A; K



J10987; Q
J10987; 9




Royal Flush




AKQJ10; 9




13) Payout for the bet and the bonus bet – Table 2



Bonus Bet

Royal Flush


1.000 €

Straight Flush


500 €

Four of a Kind


200 €

Full House


70 €



50 €



40 €

Three of a Kind


25 €

Two Pair



One Pair







ANTE     Min 10      Max 200       Maximum payout:   20.000 EUR

BET        Min 20      Max 400



ANTE    Min 100    Max 2.000     Maximum payout: 200.000 CZK

BET       Min 200    Max 4.000  

BONUS BET  20       

ANTE    Min 200    Max 4.000     Maximum payout: 400.000 CZK

BET       Min 400    Max 8.000  


No payment shall exceed the maximum which is connected to each game.


In conjunction with the game is not allowed to use any technical equipment such as telephones, computers, radios, calculators, etc... If the casino management suspected that such resources are used, is hereby authorized to treat the game as invalid one and withhold or not carry out the payment for the players.

Casino Management also reserves the right to withhold payment until the investigation of the game, which believes that it was not performed within the rules or procedures of Czech Casinos a.s.  Casino Management reserves the right to terminate the game and declare it as invalid and withhold the payment of the bets as well ,
there is reason to believe that the rules of the game was in any way violated by the player (players) or even staff.
Croupiers in the casino are trained to compliance with procedures of Czech Casinos a.s.
Any violation of these procedures can lead to failure of any payments to players (players).

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