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Touch Bet Roulette Prince


  • A dealer spins a ball against a rotating roulette wheel. There are 37 numbers (0-36) on the roulette wheel. Zero is green, the rest of numbers are red or black. The ball is spinning around the rim of the roulette wheel first, then slows down and drops into one of numbered boxes. A position of the ball is optoelectronic evaluated and the numbered box is evaluated as the winning number of the game.
  • A result of the game (the winning number and the colour) is automatically acoustically announced and marked on a display of a big screen and on all screens of terminals. The terminals are used by players to register their bets. A number of players and bet are not known in advance. The winnings are calculated according to the conditions set out in Herní plán.


  • The game proceeds as a live game with a dealer. The customers bet on their terminals before the ball drops. Any win is credited to a player’s credit. The winning number is valid only is it is evaluated correctly by electronics. Persons under age of 18 are not allowed to participate on the game. Staff monitors the devices operations, resolves any complaints and is responsible for ensuring that no person under the age of 18 participates in the game.


  • Deposits in the game are made by inserting bills into the sensor banknotes in denominations of 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 Kč. The value of banknotes put into a bill acceptor is displayed on the terminal screen either as the amount in Kč on the Cash indicator, or as a credit amount on the Credit indicator. The player can get paid the remaining stake and winnings anytime during the game, when a red button PAY OUT is blinking. Payments are made by operator with the reset key and they are paid in a cash desk. The minimum and maximum bets in each game are determined by Herní plán.


  • The players choose the type and the amount of bet with controls on a touch screen of the terminal. The layout on the terminal replicates the layout on the live game. Time is given for placing bets especially before the spinning of the ball. Betting possibilities are stopped short time after the spin on all terminals. The players are reminded about this also acoustically. It is not possible to change any of the bets from this moment until the end of the game.


Wins are purely coincidental. The system of winnings remains the same as the classical roulette game plan and allows only bets as below. The values shown are the maximum and can be reduced by the operator.

Bet minimum bet maximum bet payout maximum win (incl. bet)
Straight up (one number incl. zero) 10 1 000 35:1 36 000
Split (pair incl. combination with zero 10 2 000 17:1 36 000
Street (threesome incl. combination with zero) 10 3 000 11:1 36 000
Corner (quaternion incl. combination with zero) 10 4 000 8:1 36 000
Six line 10 6 000 5:1 36 000
Dozen 10 9 000 2:1 36 000
Column 10 9 000 2:1 36 000
High/Low 10 18 000 1:1 36 000
Odd/Even 10 18 000 1:1 36 000
Red/Black 10 18 000 1:1 36 000

Values are in Kc.

1 credit = 10 Kc

Maximum total bet in one game is 50 000 Kc.

Winning share is 97, 29 %, is determined by the design of the roulette wheel, game rules and is not influenced.

Meaning of controls on the screen of gaming place

  • Chips „1“, „5“, „10”, „MAX“ - number of chips bet on one touch
  • CLEAR LAST - cancellation of the last bet
  • CLEAR POSITION - cancellation of the bet on the marked position
  • RETURN - repeating of the bet from the previous game
  • HELP - serves to view help
  • /2 - decreases the bet on chosen position to half
  • X2 - increases the bet on chosen position to double
  • NEIGHBOURS  - places further neighbour bets pressing this button after betting straight up on layout (1x1, 2x2, and 3x3)
  • NUMBER COMPLETE - all combinations with a chosen number will be bet

The following buttons can bet on predefined numbers or combinations that are based on the layout of numbers on the roulette wheel:

  • ZERO SPIEL  - bet on 0 - 3; 12 - 15; 26; 32 – 35
  • VOISINS DU ZERO -  bet on 0 - 2 - 3 ; 4 - 7; 12 - 15; 18 - 21; 19 - 22; 25 - 26 - 28 - 29; 32 – 35
  • ORPHELINS  - bet on 1; 6 - 9; 14 - 17; 17 - 20; 31 - 34
  • TIERS DU CYLINDRE - bet on 5 - 8; 10 - 11; 13 - 16; 23 - 24; 27 - 30; 33 – 36

The terminal is equipped with a red illuminated mechanical button marked PAY OUT for payouts.


  • The player is entitled to participate in the game providing he/she adheres to the conditions set out in the Herní plán. If management suspect a breach of the rules as laid down in Herní plán they are entitle to withhold payment while an investigation is undertaken. If a breach of the Herní plán is proved the payment can be forfeited. In the case of the technical failure of the equipment the stakes will be returned.


  • Each player is responsible for his bets. Any disputes are resolved by an authorized attendant and if necessary by the management of the casino. His/her decision is final. Complaints, which arise of a player’s ignorance of the rules, are unjustified. Any complaints will be resolved by the manager.

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  • ... minimum bets on live game start on 10 Kč in our casinos?
  • ... you do not have to gamble when you visit the casino. If you wish just have a drink and socialise?
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